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Think you're so clever, dontcha? by Nezumi9 Think you're so clever, dontcha? by Nezumi9
Yes, Bobby. Yes he does.

"Crowley, get offa there!"
The demon looked up from where he was pouring a gin&tonic. "What?"
Bobby went red in the face. "I mean the cat." He gestured to the feline making itself comfortable atop a teetering pile of ancient books.
"You named him after me? How sweet. I didn't know you cared."
"I don't," Bobby argued, attempting to move the cat without knocking over the tomes.
Crowley sipped his drink skeptically. The cat actually did look like he'd always imagined he'd look as a cat: black fur, yellow eyes, thin and elegant but with the chewed-on ears of a fighter. "And yet..."
"He leaves dead bodies on my doorstep," said Bobby. "Reminded me of you."
Crowley smiled. Whatever. As long as the Hunter kept thinking of him, it was all fine.
He wondered, later, completely idly, whether it was possible to possess a cat.

Ficlet courtesy of my friend ~NevillesGran1, based off a conversation we had after seeing this [link] art. Crowley is basically a cat.

Biiig kitty. I feel like there's a joke to be made in here about Little Crowley being really quite large but I'm not dirty-minded enough to make it. Really.

EDIT: Sequel drawing here: [link]
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jossujb Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You folk deserve all the awards.
You won't believe how happy I am that I managed to inspire someone for more art and such and cute little ficlet. Brilliant^^Especially when i was thinking Crowley sligtly catlike^^
NevillesGran1 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
I feels so famous now. That is a seriously disproportionately large cat.
Nezumi9 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Oh hey, I forgot you had a dA! I shall go add your name.

Yes. Yes it is. It's not my fault I drew him too far up and ran out of room for Bobby.
NevillesGran1 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
I literally exist here for the sole purpose of commenting, though. I barely have an account.
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